What people are saying about TES?

I have always prayed for my kids to attend a school whereby academic excellence and Islamic identity is interconnected. Alhamduillah Tayba Islamic Academy (TIA) is my answered dua. TIA provides an exceptional curriculum, small class sizes, highly motivated teachers and it instills the love of the Quran to its students. We love this school, the loving teachers/staff and its priority to developing the whole child. One unique aspect of TIA is how Quranic concepts, Akhlaq and the Sunnah is connected to everyday activities. May Allah (swt) continue to put Barakah in everything they do for the future of our kids!
Asha Abubakar

I enrolled my son because they teach Islamic studies and teachers are working so hard and of course one big reason is Hifth!
Zubaida Khalid

We as parents are very happy with Tayba teachers’ skills and ability. My son has learned a lot in Quran, Islamic teachings, Islamic manners, maths and sciences. TIA principal is an amazing personality and very learned teacher. She is our most favorite lady in our community. Due to the small size classrooms, my son gets full attention and an opportunity to have one on one discussions with the teachers
Furqan Malik
Tayba Islamic Academy is built upon the foundations of Islam and it promotes the teachings of the Prophet PBUH using a multitude of learning techniques. The admin team is kind, supportive, and always ready to greet you with a smile applying the hadith that A Smile is Sunnah. The teachers are always ready to help the students in every way possible, they are constantly observing and listening in order to better themselves and better the future of the students. These people have the purest of intentions and they are united in accomplishing one goal and that is to do whatever they can do in the Duniya to enter Jannah one day. May Allah accept their efforts and their intentions
Nourhan Hassan
“We felt that Tayba has the child’s interest their #1 priority, also during the Covid19 time they were highly ethical and they continued to provide the full program, they adapted really quickly to insure the students are served well”


Noor Mourad
“As a Muslim parent having grown up in the west, I cannot understate the importance of establishing pride in our identity as Muslims through knowledge. The answers to: Who are you and why do you believe what you believe should arise from the Quran and Sunnah. Finding an establishment that has a solid curriculum however has been a challenge for my wife and I, until we registered my eldest son Tariq at Tayba Islamic Academy. Every Muslim school has access to the same information, the Quran and Sunnah. But every school does not have teachers like sister Minnat-Allah Aboul-Ella. For she is extremely intelligent, humble, and kind. Through her actions this past year, it is clear to me that she does not only see my child as a student of hers, but a trust we have placed on her. For she has gone over and above our expectations, and my wife and I expect nothing but excellence when it comes to our children.”
Mohamed Aidaruse