Kindergarten (JK/SK)

Are you committed to providing the best educational experience for your child? Our strong and proven curriculum prepares your child for a successful transition to grade school. Kindergarten students are at a vital stage in their development where exploration and discovery are the vessels of learning.  Students at this stage require a curriculum rich in variety and stimulation.

The Kindergarten programme at Tayba Elementary School is designed to establish a strong foundation for learning, and does so in a safe and caring environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of all children.  Our programme integrates discovery-based learning and traditional teaching.  Our approach emphasises the acquisition of reading, writing, reasoning and mathematical skills, all while making it an exciting and active learning experience.  Our experienced teachers cater the programme to provide guidance and opportunity for students to develop socially and emotionally.

A Day at TES for JK/SK

Morning Meet

Teachers welcome students and they participate with the school in the morning assembly.

Students are informed about events and activities that will take place throughout the day. A small reading, verse/poem will be shared for focus on the character of the month.


This time of day is designed for vigorous, active, physical play. Students pursue active physical play with the support of their teachers. Outside time enables children to play together, invent their own games and rules and become familiar with their natural surroundings.


Students choose their activities from open shelves with self-correcting materials and work in distinct work areas – on tables or on mats on the floor.

Students are given opportunities to work in the areas of culture including science and social studies. They learn independently using the components of their environment: the teacher guides and observes the child who chooses his/her activities.


Large group introduction to the math concept of the day will be presented to the children. The teacher plays a lead role in modeling the use of the materials.

Math activities consist of arithmetic, addition and subtraction, problem solving and simple equations. Fine motor development is supported through a variety of activities.

L.A and Arabic

Structured activities are presented to the children in the areas of language and literacy. This component of the programme develops phonics, compound words, reading comprehension and writing and creativity.

Children learn turn taking and cooperative play through the use of group games. Board games are available to develop problem solving skills and reading comprehension.

Quran and Islamic Studies

Students in JK- SK will learn Quran reading, Qur’anic morals, meanings, and stories (Qasas and tafsir), knowledge of Allah SWT and His Oneness (Aqeedah/tawheed), exemplary Muslim character (Akhlaq), piety and reliance on Allah SWT (Taqwa), and selected memorization of key verses and surahs with explanation and tajweed. Every student will receive a carefully designed Quran planner that serves as a communication tool between school and parents.

Gym and Library

Focused opportunities for the children allowing them to experience physical activity, an introduction to French and use of books for small group and project activities.

Library times will allow the children exposure to literary works and reading comprehension.

Art & Science

A variety of art mediums are introduced to the children. Art materials are explored to develop creativity and imagination.

Science allows the children to gain a clearer understanding of plants and animals, our bodies, our world and its magical properties.

Field Trips

During the year, children may be taking field trips to better enhance their understanding of topics previously introduced or upcoming. These are fun filled, organized outings used to enrich the children’s experiences.