Registration and Tuition Fees

 Academic Year 2024-2025

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Non- refundable Registration fees


Monthly tuition 



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JK, SK and Grade 1

Grade 2 - Grade 8

Non- refundable Registration fees/student



Non-refundable Resources fees /student



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Family Discounts

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We would like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in enrolling your children at TES. TES accepts students in Grades K through Grade 8, space permitting. Please be advised of the following general information regarding the admissions/registration process:

Admissions Process for the Quran Hifth Program:

Students applying for the TES Hifth Program will be tested in August, before the school year starts. Teachers will assess the memorization of Juz’ Amma and the ability to read any text from the Quran. Parents will be notified of the results via email. Personal interviews will be conducted with parents of the students that have passed the test.

Quran Hifth Transfer Students

TES accepts transfer students. Transfer students will be placed in the appropriate level by the principal. The placement decision is also informed by other relevant documentation and by consultation with the parents and the student. Please contact the school administration for an appointment to discuss the transfer.

Registration and Tuition Fees:

Re-Enrollment / New Registration information 2024 – 2025

  1. The following Registration documents must be filled: (are found upon registering online)

2. Please provide copies of the following (only for new registration):

  • Canadian Birth Certificate (or a copy of the student’s citizenship);
  • Immunization Cards;
  • Health Card;
  • Two recent passport sized photos;
  • Last report card from the previous year.

3. Please pay the Registration fees & Resources fees online. For the monthly tuition fees, the school registration will set you up for monthly tuition fees withdrawals via a Void Cheque or Direct Deposit Form. 

Important notes:

Registration/ Resources fees:

  • Registration and resource fees are a one-time fee/ student / school year, paid at the time of registration that are non-refundable. They can be paid by Credit Card. 
  • Registration/Resource fees are annual fees irrespective of the date the student joins the school.

School Tuition Fees:

  • Monthly tuition fees are due on the 1st of the month and are due from August –May , over ten installments.
  • Payment of June is payable in August and is non-refundable upon acceptance.
  • For the monthly tuition fees, the school registration will set you up for monthly tuition fees withdrawals via a Void Cheque or Direct Deposit Form. 
  • A portion of the tuition fees is tax deductible and tax receipts will be provided 
  • There will be a $15 administrative charge for every returned cheque or EFT Not Sufficient Fees.

Withdrawal procedure:

  • Withdrawal requests have to be emailed to the school secretary at: The last date to submit a withdrawal request is on December 20th of the year. After December, the tuition fees are a one year commitment and are non-refundable.

TES Parent Handbook 2024-2025:

Download it from here