Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Our Vision is to inspire students to love and learn the Quran, every day of their lives. We strive to raise a generation of socially responsible, well-rounded Muslim-Canadian children who inculcate Quranic concepts, Iman, the Sunnah and Akhlaq in their daily lives, so that they may rise and shine and become walking Qurans on this earth, just like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Our Mission

We seek to create a safe, exciting and Islamic learning environment where children are treated with love, kindness and respect. We believe a positive atmosphere can tremendously influence a student’s ability and willingness to acquire, demonstrate, and participate in learning. Our aim is also to help students understand and apply the meanings of the Quran before they recite and memorize it, and to live, love and embrace the Ayat of Al Quran in their daily life challenges.