The library is geared towards motivating students to become passionate readers for life. Our doors are open for all readers with our shelves filled with literature for all levels. The library is available for students to use to obtain resources for projects such as science fairs or book reports.

  • Students should read on a daily basis to enhance vocabulary, speech and word analysis skills. 
  • Teachers and families of students are responsible to introduce and provide reading materials for them and are equally responsible to promote reading. 
  • Students should gain from the exercise of reading by finding it enjoyable and fun. 
  • Reading allows the mind to become free of boundaries, visit new places, understand thoughts and ideas of others, and be introduced to new genres of books and more. 
  • Stay involved and you will find a wondrous hobby become a part of your home!

Operation Hours:

The TES library is open during regular school hours for students and teachers. The library is closed at 4:00pm everyday or by 1:30pm in the case of early dismissal. Parents who wish to volunteer in the library need to contact the school office.