Character Education

It is true that the main reason that you enrol your children to a school is to learn about academic subjects like math, history, science, and so on, but these are not the only things that children need to learn if they ever want to become successful in the real world. Character education gives them the necessary tools that they will be using more often than those that they learn from the other subjects.

Education is not limited to training the minds only and pouring information into it, but it involves all aspects; religious, moral, intellectual and physical personality of the learner. Imam Al-Ghazali assures that youngsters’ moral development is one of the fundamental objectives of education. He gives an example of a garden to explain the processes of moral education; before planting flowers, the ground must be cleared of weeds. Similarly, teachers must purify the students’ soul by removing from it filthy thoughts and immoral deeds before teaching moral goodness and then all acts should be carried out for the sake of Allah SWT.

Why is it very important for us to teach character education at TES?

It is very important that Hafith Al Quran has an excellent character. When Aisha R.A was asked about the character of the prophet PBUH, she said his character was the character of the Quran. Jabir ibn Abdullah reported: The Messenger of Allah, PBUH, said, “Verily, the most beloved and nearest to my gathering on the Day of Resurrection are those of you with the best character. Verily, the most reprehensible of you to me and the furthest from my gathering on the Day of Resurrection will be the pompous, the extravagant, and the pretentious.” They said, “O Messenger of Allah, we know the pompous and the extravagant, but who are the pretentious?” The Prophet said, “The arrogant.

Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2018, Sahih

Character Education and Hifth go hand in hand. We teach character education from the Quran and Sunnah. The prophet PBUH is our role model and we aim to study his character and story to be like him. He was a walking Quran on the earth and this is our mission at TES. At TES, we believe that quality education is about more than academic achievement- it is about the development of the whole person.

Character Student of the Month – Character Students of the Month are picked based on their expressing the character trait of the month. We hold Monthly assemblies where students are celebrated in front of their peers due to their Islamic behaviour.